Know Your Smoke


The difference between clean and dirty smoke can mean the difference between awesome and horrible tasting food! Today we’re going to cover the different kinds of smoke that you can get with your smoker and how to control that.

So what do you mean by clean smoke?

Yay yay yeah I know by definition smoke isn’t cleaning but when we’re talking clean smoke with cooking we are talking about a very light to almost see-through kind of smoke. This is the kind of smoke penetrates meat and gives you that awesome smoke ring that you’re looking for when you make a brisket or pork shoulder.

And what is dirt and smoke?

Dirty smoke is just that if someone can look at your smoker and then feel the urge to dial 911 because they see billows of white, gray, or even black smoke coming out of your smoker then I can guarantee that whatever you’er cooking might as well go right in the trash.

So how do I control my smoke?

Smoke can be controlled in quite a few ways…

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